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Imagine, turning the key and accelerating away on the open road. Your hands on the wheel and the wheels on the ground are one and the same. You are the car, as you turn, sway and thrust at will. This is life at its absolute best.

You’ve just found the best place on the web to buy and sell your used and new Corvette.

For us, the Corvette is the ultimate machine. We understand the unique experience that comes with owning a Vette.

At Corvette.Guru you’ll find the best Corvettes for sale by owners and dealers in your location from the 1953+ classics to the very latest 2017 models.

If you are selling, you’ll find an unbeatable place to list your Corvette, at a Special Reduced Price of $8.95 one-time payment until sold.


You won’t find a better price, or better listing and display options to best showcase your beautiful Corvette.

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Browse by free text search or use our advanced search options to find your dream Corvette. Sellers get their own listing wizard and dashboard and the best listing options on the internet.

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Enjoy reading about Corvettes on our blog, join the discussions and ask questions in our exclusive Corvette forum, buy and sell Corvettes and contact us if you ever need support.

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Corvette.Guru is the new premier Corvette marketplace. You'll find the very best Corvettes available for sale on the internet from private owners and dealers, from 1953 classics to 2016 models.

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