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4 Key Tips on Adding a New Listing


Hopefully the adding of a new listing will go smoothly for you. Here are several tips that might make it a little easier to get the results you want from your Corvette for Sale listing! The goal of course is to help get your listing ad found when someone visits Corvette.guru in search of a Corvette to buy.

Tip 1: First thing I suggest that you look at the TEST-ONLY example listings to get an idea of what fields of information are shown in different views and sections of each listing. Where it is necessary for a good listing, fields have been set to mandatory. Generally when you see the list of specifications and features listed, you’ll want to provide similar information (either manually typed in or chosen from a drop-down list) so that your Corvette for Sale listing will show in search results.

Tip 2: Once you have familiarized yourself with the example listings, you’ll want to keep examples handy so that as you begin filling in and selecting data from the drop-down lists, you don’t skip over any that will be helpful in listing details about your Vette. Again, there are mandatory fields for a reason, and choose or fill them in to the best of your knowledge. There are several general comments fields where you an explain further should you not find a field where you’d like to display a feature or specification. Even in several of the examples there were fields not filled in (before they were set to mandatory) and you’ll see a label “Select” – when you see this, the system is expecting you to have filled out (or selected from the drop-down) the information that should have been provided by you.

Tip 3: Take your time! And, be sure to go back to the Specifications and Features pages to verify or edit the data you’ve added/selected. This is an important step — because once you Publish your listing and have paid for it via PayPal, you cannot edit the listing other than to mark it as SOLD. Again, this step is very important and will help you from missing information that you did want to share about your Corvette.

Tip 4: With Corvette.guru having recently launched, you may find a limited number of Corvette for Sale listings. I recommend keeping your searches either wide open or with only two or three search terms; you’ll have better results and be able to see as many listings as possible that match (or come close) to your interests.

As I come across other helpful tips I will add another posting here in the forum and in a blog post (which this one will be copied to so that it can’t be missed).

Lastly, since this is a new Website, there may be options that will need editing and probably specification fields and features added based on feedback from you and others who have listed one or more Corvettes for sale.

Be sure to use this forum and the blog to help communicate your interests, questions, frustrations, and successes. Here’s to your success in selling your Corvette, and for finding your next Corvette from one of the listings on Corvette.guru!

Thanks for your help and interest!

Mike Conkey

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