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Have You Ever Wondered What The Corvette Nicknames Mean?

The Corvette Has Its Share Of Nicknames!

When you come across someone who claims to be a Corvette expert you stop and take notice. And, we of course need to look a little more into their claim, right! We may have just found such an expert who is willing to share her expertise on Corvette topics (like the post on the Corvette nicknames) that others may or may not be covering. You’ll probably find yourself bookmarking her posts so that you can keep up on the many topics that she covers!

C1: Corvette uses a C and a number to differentiate between generations. The C1 generation includes all Corvettes from 1953 to 1962. In the beginning these were hand-built in Flint, Michigan, before production moved to St. Louis at the end of 1953. The design became a hit very quickly, but issues with quality and low performance threatened the future of Corvette in these early stages. By the end of C1 production, continued improvements and the implementation of new technologies had strengthened sales and set a precedent for the brand.

C2: The second generation of Corvettes, the C2, was the shortest: production lasted only from 1963 to 1967. The first model of the C2 generation — with its iconic split-rear window and accompanying curved body panels — remains one of the most recognizable and desirable Corvette body styles of all time. It was during this second stage that Corvette began emphasizing performance, shifting from a touring convertible to a track-worthy sports car.

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Source: Sarah Shelton, Corvette Expert

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